Yarn kits

We offer yarn kits for many patterns designed by Phildar and other brands.  Phildar yarn kits include the pattern description (in French), they do not include knitting needles and buttons, which you can buy in our shop, too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    You can find information on the yarn required to knit the particular garment (size, types of yarn, etc) in the picture below the picture of the garment. Click on the pictures to get to the relevant yarn.                                  

1. Coat “Light” (from yan PHIL LIGHT).

2. Pullover “Danube” (from yarn PHIL FRIMAS).

3.  Cardi “Honey” (from PHIL SPORT and PHIL LIGHT).

4. Cardigane “Aline” (from PHIL LOOPING and PHIL DIAMANT).

5. Jacket “Augustine” (from PHIL LOOPING).

6. Pullover Light (from PHIL LIGHT).

7. Pullover (from PHIL CHARME).

8. Cardigan (from PHIL PUR ANGORA).

9. Cardigan (from PHIL PUR ANGORA).

To be continued…

See other available patterns here:           https://purrfectyarn.com/dziju-komplekti/