DROPS Cotton Light


Composition:50% cotton, 50% polyester
Weight (g): 50
Meterage (m):105
Tension (10cmx10cm):21x 28
Needle size (mm):4

DROPS Cotton Light  – great choice for making children’s cloths as it is more durable than cotton (due to the polyester content). In 36 shades. Can be washed in the washing machine.

You can also use this yarn to make bathing suits, hats, summer tops and the like.

Visit the brand’s website for inspiration:


  • 01-off white
  • 02-white
  • 05-light pink
  • 08-ice blue
  • 11-green
  • 13-violet
  • 14-turquoise
  • 17-dark red
  • 18-pink
  • 20-black
  • 21-beige
  • 22-brown
  • 23-light purple
  • 24-grape
  • 25-light lilac
  • 26-jeans
  • 27-mint
  • 28-yellow
  • 30-dark grey
  • 31-pearl
  • 32-red
  • 33-blue bonnet
  • 34-light jeans blue
  • 35-rust
  • 36-mustard
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Weight 50 g

01-off white, 02-white, 05-light pink, 08-ice blue, 11-green, 12-khaki, 13-violet, 14-turquoise, 17-dark red, 18-pink, 20-black, 21-beige, 22-brown, 23-light purple, 24-grape, 25-light lilac, 26-jeans, 27-mint, 28-yellow, 30-dark grey, 31-pearl, 32-red, 33-blue bonnet, 34-light jeans blue, 35-rust, 36-mustard