Drops Air


Composition:65% alpaca wool, 28% polyamide, 7% wool
Weight (g): 50
Meterage (m):150
Tension (10cmx10cm):17 x 22
Needle size (mm):5
Season:Autumn - winter

Drops Air is a soft alpaca and merino, and polyamide blend yarn for warm and airy knits.

Drops Air is a “blown yarn”. As the name “blown yarn” implies, Drops Air has a unique construction in which the fibres of baby alpaca and merino wool are not spun but blown together with air into a tube. This makes garments made from this yarn approximately 30-35% lighter than those made from conventional spun yarns of the same thickness.

Drops Air is a good choice for garments for kids and adults with wool allergies because Drops Air is an itch free knitting yarn.

You will need approx. five balls of Drops Air yarn for a size 42 pullover (one shade).

  • 01-off white
  • 02-wheat mix
  • 03-pearl grey
  • 04-medium grey
  • 05-brown
  • 06-anthracite
  • 07-red
  • 10-fog
  • 14-heather
  • 16-blue
  • 17
  • 22-yellow
  • 24-pink
  • 26-beige mix
  • 27-sea green
  • 28-red brick
  • 29-old pink
  • 30-sage green
  • 31-black
  • 33-pink sand
  • 34-pink marble
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