Because we love cats – they are soft and fluffy  – not very much different from  the softest of yarns. Because cats enjoy and are supportive of the knitting process – they would keep the knitter company, often in the  knitter’s lap.  Because no cat has ever given its owner a disapproving look when she brings home yet another bag of yarns despite of yarn being stashed all over the place. Because a cat sees what others do not – the true value of a knitting project left unattended on the couch. None other than the cat will safeguard it with uttermost care, curling up its little body on the work in progress.


Ten years ago we took in a stray, starved and not particularly friendly kitten. Melania contributed many great ideas to creating this shop. Hence the name of the shop “purr” + “perfect yarn” (to our liking) = “purrfectyarn”.

We will donate five per cent of the cat-related merchandise sales revenue to the Cat House of the local animal shelter